Friday, August 10, 2012


Personally, I kinda liked the bubble-gum pop, syrupy sweet, mega-ballads and anthems that came from the hair metal bands of the late 80s. Warrant. Winger. Poison. Totally my cup of Kool-Aid. Ok, I can maybe see the critics’ point of view about the lack of substance.
Of course, Operation: Mindcrime was totally the exception to the “teased up hair, head-banging” rule. Penned by the band Queensryche,Operation: Mindcrime is a dark, political intrigue-ish thriller set to music, with some spoken word. The main plot deals with Nikki, a former heroine addict who gets turned into an assassin by the mysterious Dr. X. Other characters include an evil priest and a prostitute turned nun. Honestly, it’s the opera version of The Manchurian Candidate (without the hooker-nun part).
Overall it’s a great listen. I'd have to say my favorite songs areRevolution Calling and Eyes of a Stranger. Yes, I know those are the 2 "featured" singles they released on the radio.

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  1. Good lord, Queensryche. The sheer amount of rockage these guys produced was overshadowed only by the ambition of Operation: Mindcrime.

    I still haven't listened to the sequel they put out, what, five years ago? Very anti-Bush, so I've heard on the low-low.

    Queensryche has definitely put out some of the best songs I've ever heard of in my life, especially "The Lady Wore Black," "Queen of the Reich," and "Chasing Blue Skies."

    ...crap, methinks you've given me the next Soothe post. >XD

  2. I quite enjoy Queensryche and the concept sounds like something I'd enjoy too. So yes, I should check this out.

  3. This is just great man, I've never heard of Queensryche before but I like the sounds of the concepts, it's definitely something new at the very least, good stuff.

  4. Never heard of Queensryche???????????????
    This is the GREATESY concept album ever. I've seen them many times in concert, including the time they performed this album in its entirety, and it was amazing.
    Sadly they are no longer around (although they'd lost it in recent years) but this will remain a classic forever.

  5. GREATEST. Sorry, hit the wrong key in my excitement.

  6. Ahhh yes. Metal always has a place in my heart. :D

  7. What exactly is a heroine addict??


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