Monday, August 10, 2009


Unfortunately, this economic funk has made us all reexamine our professional lives. People aren’t just looking for jobs with big paydays, but also something that will actually last for more than say, 6 months. For that, you need to work in an industry that people are always going to need. Acquire a position that will weather any economic storm. I’m sure you’re thinking it to, SNAKE MILKER. Yes there are some similarities to the more popular dairy farmer version (both positions deal with animals). However, in this case you’re not after cool, refreshing milk, but rather collecting the snake’s venom. A toxin that is the primary ingredient in creating an antivenom (used as an antidote when someone is bitten). Job requirements include: a BA in biology / herpetology (study of amphibians) and yes, probably a snake training course or two. Upside? Stable job with a decent salary. Downside, you’re working in a room full of freakin’ snakes every day. The job bites, literally.

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