Monday, December 14, 2009


by Tom McConville (NWM Staff Writer)

There are two spots that seem to be on tv during the holiday season that take crap to an even higher level. And you probably already know the ones I’m talking about.


Try as they might, those Kay Jeweler commercials just can’t seem to get out of their own way. Whether it’s a “not-really-scared poopless” woman standing near the window of a yuppie cabin or a guy tying to find just the right “sign” to show his love to his hearing-impaired girlfriend, these spots seem to further reinforce what everyone knows already. Kay makes crap jewelry that any schlub can pick up at a non-descript mall if they’re in a pinch. It’s probably the best example – of many – that deters people from shopping at this particular store.


Nice work guys. In the midst of the crappiest whatever-sion the economy is going through, you still manage to make your commercial the height of pretentiousness. Sure, you stopped that over-the-top red ribbon because times are getting tougher, but you still had this pap to make sure that everyone who’s struggling knows that they can’t afford your car. The voice over guy pisses me off, as he is just trying not to overtly talk down to people, and yet failing so miserably. And the end….”Come on in to your Lexus dealer to discover some of the best values of the year” just proves how out of touch they really are. You want the best value of the year Lexus? Stop showing these commercials until people can pay their mortgages. You’ll save a boatload in media costs.

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  1. Kay... should have gone to Jared. I also like those Kmart commercials that started a few months back about doing layaway. Nothing says happy holidays like finding ways to buy what you can't really afford.

  2. This post is sooooo funny! I just said this to my husband the other day. Every holiday season they air these stupid commercials trying to make people feel bad because nobody is buying us a Lexus for Christmas.


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