Tuesday, March 30, 2010


In the fourth episode of "Nothing Bad," Nick takes Michael to seek advice from the legendary spiritual guru: Corey Feldman.

BONUS: Check out Ally’s (Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing blog) riveting article on the life of an Über-Corey fan.

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  1. That was freakin awesome...I don't exactly know why, but it was. Maybe cause my wife eats lunchables, I don't know.

    Cant wait for episode 5!


  2. That was hilarious! Lunchables? LOL.

  3. OMFG this was amazing!

    Dude, I am loving those two guys. They're of course super cute!

    Corey, wow! I love his burrito theory, so funny--my husband would love that! I need to send this to him.

    Lunchables - ha ha ha! That was so clever!

    This video has really enlightened me... I've realized something about my love for Corey that requires its own blog entry tomorrow. The crush has faded as I near 38. I mean, of course Corey is easy on the eyes and all that good stuff, but to be honest, Corey would be the coolest person to just be buds with.

    Will HAVE to link to this tomorrow in my blog. For now, I will need to spread the word via Twitter and my FB page!

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  4. Who knew that Corey was the ultimate problem solver? Steal your grandpa's car, got a drunk girl passed out in the backseat, and you have no drivers license.... Who do you call?


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