Saturday, January 16, 2010


In my lifetime I have been lucky enough to witness not one, but two comedians go from scrawny and funny-ish to pumped up and, well, still funny-ish. Joe & Carrot. My main question for both of these C to B-listers is if bulking up hurt or helped their careers. And more importantly, who'd it help more. Here's the tale of the tape.


BB (Before Bulk – 80s):
Wise Guys (movie w/Danny Devito)
Dead Heat (movie w/Treat Williams)
Star Trek: Next Generation (TV guest appearance)
Miller Light ad campaign
Let’s go Mets (music video)

AB (After Bulk-Up – 90s and on):
Sidekicks (w/Jonathan Brandis
HBO Special
Arli$$ (guest star)
Guest role on Law & Order
Role in upcoming Spring Break ‘83


BB (Before Bulk – early 90s):
1800 Call AT&T ad campaign
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
The Daily Show (guest)

AB (After Bulk-Up – early 2000s and on):
Regular Las Vegas show
Appearance in Hangover
Numerous late night and day show appearances
Fixture on Comedy Central shows
Scrubs (guest role)


Before the bulk it'd be Joe hands down. He was a legit star for a bit. After bulk, I’d say CT's steady Vegas gig and talk show appearances give him the ultimate edge. Sorry to say, Piscopo has no real headlining venue at this moment. I pray neither kick my scrawny butt.

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  1. I completely forgot about those 1800 Call AT&T adds. Those annoyed the hell out of me!

    Yeah I'd give it to Carrot Top too! Too bad you can't measure who did the most HGH to bulk up that much that fast.

  2. Dude. you're blog rules!! I went on it tonight. Masterful promo stuff you got going on. VERY COOL!!! I'm jealous.

  3. Good diger joe get rid of her! Come on ,she acted like you took advantage of her? Oh really ,I'm sure shee took every opportunity to cash in. Even if joes not a gazillion air? He still at one ten was a liget STAR! Mean while she's a no body that would be nothing more then a simple hourly wage store manager at best

  4. Poor Joe ,she tried to make him out like he was some scum bag! Meanwhile she knew exactly what she was doing . If he was so bad,in times of the women's rights movements ? Then why doesn't she just leave ,if he's so bad? Total gold diger ,and immature ! Joe you deserve better ,let her go back and work a real job,standing on her feet 10 hours a day for $9 bucks an hour min wage . And no limos ,no meeting his friends ,which I'm sure some are movie to a TV stars. While she's a no body . She's lucky your a class act ,and didn't press charges on her. He feels sorry for her,no doubt about that. I bet she cried like a big baby ,probably can't take care of her own daughter ? Let Alone be a part of his entire family has a whole . No she's a gold digger sen you coming bud. Dump her in my dropzone I'll pull my parachute out .lol

  5. I am glad to see you run Joe we need more people to run who aren't career politicians like to see you win let's take back our state and country


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