Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It was1988. A year before maverick director Dorian Walker and hot producer Bob Manning would release the highly anticipated Teen Witch. A film that stars Robyn Elaine Lively as a teen nerd who suddenly discovers she’s a powerful witch. Originally Walker and Manning planned for just a simple jazzy film score to accompany this indie dramedy. Though after reviewing the first cut, the creative team realized a contemporary dance music number would be integral in helping complete a pivotal scene. In a pinch they turned to composer/lyricist extraordinaire Larry Weir. And with the help of a well-choreographed Amanda Ingber they created one of the most Cringeworthy Moments in cinematic history – “TOP THAT!”

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  1. I think a very young Ryan Renyolds is in this classic

  2. Can't stop laughing. This one took me back. “TOP THAT!”

  3. That was awesome! I know what I'm renting tonight!

    RIP Zelda Rubinstein

  4. Helllllo! Loved this move! I blogged about the little brother in this film! His name is Josh Miller (from River's Edge). He went to Antioch with a friend of mine. Ha ha!

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing


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