Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ooo, I forgot to tell you. Totally slipped my mind to let you know I bested my personal record. I wore shorts to work all the way up until Tues, October 5th
I work in advertising. So our bonus isn’t 6 figures of FU money. Instead we get to wear what we want, whenever. Totally a fair trade off. Right?
Anyhow, now that I have just entered into jean mode I’m experiencing what I like to call TESTICULAR POSITIONING ISSUES. Shorts gave ‘em freedom to roam. If there was a problem I’d simply shove my hands in, and pocket ping pong them into position. 
Not so with dungarees. Things are a bit more cramped so sometimes they are pushed a bit too close to the thigh area. To me, that makes walking a bit awkward. And if I try to adjust I immediately get noticed (and judged). Of course that was 2009. 2010 I have the pleasure of wearing LEVIS Silver Tab jeans. Pants that are made with way more room for a discrete game of P ping pong. 

Here are the stitch stats…
Slightly tapered legs.
Deep wide pockets (perfect for poing-ponging)
Generous fit in the seat and thigh.
Zip fly with button closure.
18" back rise.
19" leg opening.
100% cotton.

FYI…My testicles usually veer to the left. Which leaves me no choice but to do a southwestern two-finger scoop method...if you care.

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  1. Wow, I have definitely not given this much thought. But it certainly is an important topic. 54 bucks is a bit steep for me.

  2. Holy heck! I never thought about men having problems with their gonads getting in the way. Poor dears. Women have a similar issue. Bra designers seem to think that placing a wire under the cup can hold up a plump size D breast. What do you think? Nope.

  3. haha those $54 jeans are worth it then :P

  4. hahah..grat post made my day better

  5. gootta get jeans which are perfect for my balls

  6. pocket ping-pong... you crack me up. I avoid tight jeans, that cameltoe thing is a pain in the... not butt but rhymes with bit... and the pocket ping-pong with that part requires much more than the discreet hand in pocket, it's a full body involvement.

  7. OMG You crack me up!! And $54 for a pair of jeans?! LOL

  8. I'd like to hear more about the southwestern two finger scoop method, please.

  9. Wow! The things I learn on this site never end.

  10. "And if I try to adjust I immediately get noticed (and judged)."

    The truth in this statement is overwhelming.
    Even though everyone and their mother has to make
    an adjustment one day or another.

  11. I too am a lefty when it comes to hanging. Interesting topic, as always.

  12. well THATS good to know!

    ha ha ha

  13. Pocket ping pong??!! Oh,you make me laugh!

  14. Couldn't you have your tailor install some velcro pocket bottems?

  15. I have to go with shorts on this one; loose ones and then you spread your legs slightly and do the humpty dance. the problem will vanish.

  16. Dang, the importance of ping-ponging and the correct jeans. My hubby would have to agree. He loves those exact jeans. I'm laughing so hard right now, I'm crying. =D


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