Monday, October 18, 2010


Had Canadian bacon yesterday morning for breakfast. Loved it! As I was chomping away I thought to myself, “Man, I wonder if there’s anything else cool from Canada aside from beer, hockey, and the immortal John Candy?”
Well get ready to revise your bucket list, ‘cause you're gonna have to witness firsthand – THE PILLOW FIGHT LEAGUE.

Entrepreneur Stacy Case had a dream. To create a federation of fighting women that would NOT allow hair pulling or scratching. In 2004 he made that dream a reality by starting the THE PILLOW FIGHT LEAGUE.


As far as the actual fighting goes, Mr. Case seems to have modeled it after your standard Sorority pillow fight scenes in horror films (minus the bouncing).

The official rules are as follows…

1-Only females can fight.

2-Pillow fights are won via pinfall, surrender, or referee stoppage.

3-No biting, scratching, or hair pulling.

4-Knee pads and elbow pads are mandatory.

5-Most anything goes in a pillow fight, but strikes, holds and manoeuvres MUST have a pillow at the point of contact.

6-Pillow fighters must practice good sportswomanship.

7-Loading a pillow with a foreign object is strictly forbidden.


Real Name: Jolene
Age: 23
Height: 5’4”
Hometown: Orangeville, ON
PFL Singles Competition Record: 10-5

PFL Tag Team Competition Record: 4-2

Professional Pillow Fighting Record: 16-8

Real Name: Stacie
Age: 26
Height: 5’3”
Hometown: ???
Record - PFL singles competition: 8-2
Professional Pillow Fighting Record: 15-5

Real Name: Vanessa
Age: 2?
Height: 5’4”
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON
PFL Singles Competition Record: 17-10

Professional Pillow Fighting Record: 22-14

Real Name: Krysten
Age: 27
Height: 5’3”
Hometown: Orangeville, ON
PFL Singles Competition Record: 16-6

Professional Pillow Fighting Record: 22-9

Real Name: Mercy
Age: 22
Height: 5’7”
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Record - PFL singles competition: 0-3
Professional Pillow Fighting Record: 0-5

Stacey is always looking for new blood. If you think you pack a pillow punch click here to register.

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  1. Wonder how much they make?

    They makes pillows look tough and scary. I want in!!

    I could take all of them. Easily.

  2. For some reason the first thing I thought was "looks like roller derby for people who don't know how to skate". Then again, that could be the drugs making me think that.

  3. hahaha silly boy.

    you made that all up. i've seen southpark.

    there's NO SUCH THING as a 'canada'...

  4. What do they fill the pillows with? There's soo many synthetic blends that could probably be made much more dense than down or something to make impacts greater.

  5. Sounds fun. If I lived in Canada, feathers would be flying!

  6. That is hilarious.... and amazing at the same time!

  7. rofl, don't know whether I should be proud or horrified to be from Canada after reading this.

  8. I love their pillow fighting names! I'd also put my money on Olivia.

  9. Bahahaha! That is the funniest effing thing I have seen. They look so serious about it! wow. Thanks for that laugh.

  10. Awesome. Now when can we get some redheads to fight?

  11. Hells YES!!!!

    to the Canadian bacon!!!


  12. I like the idea, perhaps more attractive girls would aid the league though haha

  13. Hilarious! I wouldn't go up against any of those ladies- they look like they could take me out with their pillow!

  14. Hmmmm..interesting. I think I'll have to pass on this-I wouldn't want to embarrass these girls at their craft. :)

  15. This is hilariously random. Who needs a strong military, when a country's got its pillow fighters? My money's on Apocolipstick. Her arms look bigger than my waist.

  16. Now that's something I want to watch!

  17. Dude I am totally already there.
    On a more serious note, Just wanted you to know that I have had to shut down my site for a tiny bit. I have had been getting threats and harrassed.
    I might even have to open a whole new blog. who knows.
    Just wanted to let you know.
    I hope you dont forget about me.
    Ill keep visiting your site. TIll things are taken care.
    Oh yeah and happy freakin Monday!

  18. This is epic, hooray for Canada. :) Following and looking forward to more.

  19. Bobbi Pinn...that's a classic...

    There must be a mistake! I read the rules and they had rule #1 wrong.

    We all that The first rule of the pillow fight league is, you do not talk about the pillow fight league...

  20. One more reason for me to move back. haha

  21. holy shit this is a FANTASTIC IDEA! I am going to open one in my city now. Haha good post man! Im supporting you! You are a fantastic blogger. Keep it up! :D

  22. Those Orangeville girls look tough.

    By the way - here's a newsflash for ya. What they call "Canadian bacon" here is NOT what we have. There really is no such thing as "Canadian Bacon" in Canada. We call it "peameal bacon"....and it's so not the same stuff the U.S. tries to pass off as "Canadian". Ok...that was your edumacation lesson from the Hoser.

  23. Before I sign up, I have to know.. is it legal to place rolls of quarters or soda cans in the pillows before the fight?

  24. Now that is hilarious. I'm Canadian and I didn't even know about this. Personally the Apocolipstick from Thunder Bay looks like she's been practicing...grrr!

  25. You do find the most random topics! I love them all, Copyboy. That is hilarious. Did you say Mr. Case's first name was Pillow? (BTW, I know you probably wrap your dog's poo in blog awards, but I passed it on to you just b/c it was a chance to spread the word about your fun blog!)


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