Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Trick or treat time is within spitting distance. At this point most kids, tweens, and teens are putting the finishing touches on their costumes. Sadly though, there are a few unfortunate privileged white kids who still have no clue what to go as for Halloween. Time is ticking. And if they don’t lock down a look soon they might fall out of good graces with their peers as well as certain social circles. I figured that’s good enough a reason to lend a helping hand. That and knowing I'd bring joy to some poor, privileged white kid. 

Costume Idea #1: JERSEY SHORE CAST –The big draws for white privileged kids are 1) they get to pretend to be an ethnicity that didn’t arrive on the Mayflower, 2) be even more prone to violence and/or substance abuse for the night. Suggested age: 14 and up [$23.99 @ Buy Costumes]

Costume Idea #2: NAUGHTY ANYTHING – An inexpensive option for female privileged white kids. Basically you can naughtify any professional uniform (i.e. nurse, policewoman, executive, etc.) simply by tightening and shortening. How far you’re willing to go is up to you – tempting tart or straight-up whore. Suggested age: 18 and up [$37.95 @ Discreet Novelty]

Costume Idea #3: PIMP & HO –No explanation needed. Suggested age: 18 and up [$169.96 ea. @ Pimp Costumes]

Costume Idea #4: A SEXT – Very topical, provocative, and perfect for any body conscience, white privileged individual. Suggested age: 18 and up [$39.99 @ ShinDigz]

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  1. Always a fan of Costume Idea #2, only reason I look forward to this season/holiday.

  2. pimp and ho is such a classic, really who can resist...

  3. I'd say that #2 is the best

  4. hehehe, I like the cellphone one!

  5. Haha, perfect picks. Maybe I'll be a sext this year... :P

    I'm linking you on the Halloween post. Hope you don't mind!

  6. Can I combine the pimp and sext together to make one costume?

  7. and I just thought halloween was just an excuse to wear your under clothes on the outside!

  8. The whole Jersey Shore thing scares me.

  9. Last year my 8 year old wanted to be a pimp for Halloween and I was not too sure about that. This year I would totally let him be a pimp, because this year, he wants to be Lady Gaga.

  10. I have to admit, the sexting one is pretty clever.

  11. Thinking about going as Spike Spegiel this year.

  12. Oh good tips! I'm lookin for costume ideas for the exotic erotic ball this weekend!

  13. I like "naughty anything" idea. Think I should shave my legs for it?

  14. Sext! Love it!!!

    Pssst...tell Pat to go for it!

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