Monday, March 12, 2012


Growing up in a reformed Jewish household can be summed up with one phrase (of my own creation) – Convenient Kosher-ism. Meaning, we had all the good intentions of celebrating the Jewish holidays, it’s just that my family’s social calendar got in the way a bit. Though in our defense, Jew-days change from year to year. Oddly the one part of GOD’S WILL not set in stone. It’s all based on some ancient lunar/harvest calendar that truly means nothing to Lon Giland suburbia life. I’d say the only thing my parents made sure was a strong part of my Jewish heritage was the love for classic JEWSPLOITATION films. And no, not all of ‘em were comedies. And only 82% are Woody Allen or Mel Brooks joints. Enjoy. Mazel Tov!

The Ten Commandments – 3 hours of Yul and Chuck in loincloths.

Jazz Singer ­– Neil Diamond in his acting debut and finale.

Frisco Kid – Rabbi Gene Wilder teams up with cowboy Harrison Ford.

The Chosen – Quick, name another Robby Benson film.

Yentle – Babs as a boy.

History of The World – JEWWWWS IN SPAAAACCCCEEE!!!!

Bananas – Woody Allen with a fake beard.

Broadway Danny Rose – Woody Allen in B&W.

Annie Hall – Woody Allen with a Shiksa.

Fiddler on The Roof – Michael Glazer (Starsky) does a decent job as Perchik.

Blazing Saddles – Not sure the Jews can totally claim this one.

The Producers – The original with Zero Mostel.

The In-Laws – Peter Falk as a fed. Alan Arkin as a dentist.

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  1. I've actually seen a couple of these.. WOO

  2. Blazing Saddles is for EVERYONE my friend!

    It's the gift that keeps on giving!!!

    Fun factoid, didja notice the Jews in Space song is the same one used later on in Robin Hood: Men in Tights?

    Totally, dude.

  3. Some of these are hilarious man, awesome films!

  4. I don't think I've actually watched any of them. I've not seen much Jewsploitation.

  5. Shame they never made History of the World Part II.

  6. kinda surprised Blazing Saddles made this list. lol.

  7. You've basically just described how my children are growing up. I keep telling them they're cultural jews but maybe convenient kosherism is better...not that we keep kosher or anything.

  8. Robby Benson was quite popular when I was a teenager. Back in the Dark Ages. We hadn't yet invented books so we had to go to the movies. It's also an excellent place to make out (when you're 15 and horny).


  9. I haven't watched any of these films, but I was Jewish at school....when it was convenient. It gave me extra days off. I was also Wiccan. Don't hate me. I just liked taking days off.

  10. Blazing Saddles rocks....not seen the others

  11. Oy va that's list! Loved Blazing Saddles...Jewsploitation or not!

  12. I've only seen fiddler on the roof and the producers! Loooong list

  13. Robby Benson film:

    Does Beauty and the Beast count? Voice acting is acting!


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