Monday, March 5, 2012


Just out of morbid curiosity I caught a couple of civil reenactment videos on YouTube. The one thing the reenactments had in common (aside from lack of a boom mic), was they TRIED to be frightfully accurate. Now say you were going to recreate another important piece of history. For argument sake let's say the final scene in David Chase’s masterful opusThe Sopranos. You know the one where you were cursing your cable provider ‘cause the scene suddenly cut out. Anyway, here it gets a little easier thanks again to youtube (see below) and DVDs to figure out the general details. However, if you are aiming for that “frightfully accurate” realism here are some not so obvious facts to help…
The scene lasts 4 minutes and 32 seconds.
It takes place at Holsten’s in Bloomfield, NJ (it’s actually an ice-cream parlor so you’ll need to bring your own jukebox).
Once Tony selects his booth, he does a slight drum tap on the table (with both hands) before reaching his left hand to the jukebox to search songs.
Tony flips through 2 jukebox pages before landing on the Journey song.
Tony views the songs in following order before making his choice...
  1. Sawyer Brown (Somewhere Into The Night)
  2. Heart (Who Will You Run To)
  3. Journey (Don’t Stop Believing)
  4. Tony Bennett (I Gotta Be Me)
He chooses the song with his right hand.
Meadow attempts to parallel park the car twice before she succeeds.
Throughout the scene Tony nervously eyes the following people in this order...
  1. young woman in black coat,
  2. older man in baseball cap
  3. young couple in love (slightly eyes over Carmela’s shoulder)
  4. guy in windbreaker
  5. waitress
  6. guy in windbreaker (2nd time)
  7. waitress (2nd time)
  8. looks at door at ???
Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing stops exactly at 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

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  1. I'd pay to have a great one added to the end of the dvd. That way, at least there'd be some kind of ending.

  2. Ahem, prepare your shock and disapproval., joke about Shock...

    anyway, I never watched the Sopranos. Not a single episode. I knew OF it, but I was working nights at the time and just couldn't bring myself to care that much about it.

  3. I've never watched the Sopranos, should I?

  4. I was never a big fan of the Sopranos but my best friend was and would constantly obsess over the final scene showing me it over and over again. I always assumed from what I seen anyway that Tony was assassinated.

  5. That's almost creepily accurate. Almost.

  6. I never watched the show, but I kind of want to recreate the ending now.

  7. I love the Sopranos and love the enigmatic ending. Although I don't think it's enigmatic, I think it's clear. Tony dies. My only question would be -- does the whole family die? Would the hitman kill everyone or just Tony? And here's a kicker -- what if the hitman is Meadow? She finally found out her father had her boyfriend killed. Tony looks up and smiles right before he gets it. Who's he smiling at? Meadow. Why did it take her twice to parallel park? She was nervous. Anyone support my theory?

  8. If I was a Sopranos fan, I would be so pissed at that ending! lol.

  9. I also though it was a joke or something that the final scene was cut out like that and I think, years later, I'm still pissed off

  10. I never had pay channels, so I had to wait until it was all shown in order on A&E. I love it, but was TOTALLY pissed about the ending. I "heard" that there is going to be a movie...

  11. I feel like I was back home in 'Joisey; again! I loved the Sopranos but was disappointed in the ending (I think!). Part of me was glad Tony survived it all and was the head of the family but I kind of hope something comes back down the road. Like a movie sequel or something. Either way, I love this show.

  12. Safe to say you've watched that scene more than once.

  13. Everyone should watch The Sopranos, the greatest drama ever on TV. I was fine with the ending.



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