Thursday, July 23, 2009


We all know the unwritten guys' codes when it comes to using the men’s bathroom.

1- Never make conversation at the stalls (unless you’ve had 3 or more beers).

2- Stare straight-forward (or straight down at the urinal cake.)

3- And if there’s only one other person, NEVER, I mean NEVER pee or dump right next to him (there needs to be a one toilet/urinal buffer zone.)

Ok, my question is this – What if the only stall you can use (to satisfy rule #3) is a handicap stall? I’ve always been attracted to the luxurious space it offers. But hey, it’s not for me, just like the handicap parking spots. Guy code and smell be dammed, I believe the correct etiquette is in fact, use the adjoining stall.

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