Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It’s the law of 1980s Hollywood. A big movie with a Brat-Packish cast comes out. It does well at the box office. Then, each actor of “said movie” goes on to do their own pet projects. The movie, Pretty In Pink did just that for a young Jon Cryer (of 2 ½ Men fame). He went on to star in the 1987 high school comedy – Hiding Out. Cryer plays an investment banker that stumbles on to some financial wrongdoings. To escape from the baddies he winds up Hiding Out (nice, huh?) at his cousin’s (Keith Coogan / Adventures in Babysitting) high school. True to “80s screwball comedy” form, madness ensues. Cryer runs for class president, dates popular beauty Annabeth Gish (from Shag: The Movie, if you care) and fights the underworld. Totally corny. Totally over-the-top. Yet, somehow, Cryer and the rest of the cast seem to make it work. Hiding Out never won any awards, but if you're looking to satisfy your cheesy 80s movie fix, this flick will definitely win your heart. Yes, it's available on Netflix.

NWM Factoid: Pretty Poison sings the title track, Catch Me I’m Falling.

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