Friday, July 31, 2009


Everyone has that “Garage Sale Found Money" fantasy. You prod and poke through somebody’s old junk sale and come across a stamp with an upside down airplane or Action Comics #1. Both of which would bring you quite a financial windfall. Though, those days are probably long gone. However, you might have found money right in your pocket and not even know it. Coins. Specifically, quarters (ok, nickels too, but this article is on quarters.) From 1932 to 1964 quarters were made from a decent percentage of silver. After ‘64, silver was replaced with zinc. If you find a quarter (from 1964 or earlier) it could be worth anywhere from $2 to $160. However, before you rush to Mr. Coin Collector or ebay you should know a couple of facts. Value is primarily judged on two things: quality of the coin and where it was minted. You can find that mintmark on the back of the quarter (eagle side) in the form of a tiny letter. Currently, the 1932 D quarter leads the pack with around a $160 price tag – excellent condition of course. Happy hunting!

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