Thursday, July 23, 2009


By grown men, I’d say the late 30s range. Honestly, I think we all have a “what the F am I doing, goof off” pass ‘til at least 42. Actually, with this economy, I’d push it to 64. So yes, in my opinion, it’s ok, to ogle the cosplay girls. Get pumped for the press conference panel for the latest installment of Battlestar-LOST. Or, totally lose it at the site of a 10 second trailer glimpse of any Fandom movie.

I read somewhere that LA is bidding for next year's con. To that I say an emphatic – "REALLY?" Last time a checked LA has a zillion studios, a winning basketball team and not 1, but 18 Apple Stores. What does San Diego have? An In & Out Burger and a zoo. Pretty lopsided if you ask me. Let the Diego-ians have this one thing. Keep their economy afloat in this troubled time. I'm sure that's what the Governator would want.

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