Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So how do you make your money? Two ways, you can either work directly for a promotions company or literally buy the shots from the bartender and resell for a higher price (plus tips).

How much can you make? No matter which route you go you usually wind up making $100 - $400 a night. Assuming you have some sort of crowd.

How do you choose the outfits? If it’s a theme night you dress accordingly (Halloween, beach night, etc.) If you’re working for a promo company you usually have to dress in an outfit that features the liquor brand logo somewhere.

Why do most girls use the test tubes? Easier to hold, and you can fit more on a tray so you can make more cash per shot run.

How do you set the prices? Basically you're given suggestions, but at the end of the night it’s up to you. A slow night you'll probably have to lower prices. While if it’s a crowded night you could give group deals. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are usually good business.

Any advice for up and coming shot girls? Make sure your outfit has a couple pockets to keep lots of small bills for change. Be flirty, but not too aggressive.

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  1. Yeaaaaah.

    ...y'know, I ain't mad at anyone who can make money on their looks. But speakin' from the viewpoint of a guy who is consistently considered more "intimidating" than "handsome," it kinda rankles that I can never get by with a fun job like that.

    Naw, I'm the big guy who works at the factories. Not even a warehouse.

    Bah. Still, so long as they makin' money legally and no one gets screwed over in the end, g'wan and make yer money.

  2. The girl in the picture would get a tip alright.....

    1. Times like this I wish we had a like button to go with our reply button.

  3. Don't forget to make sure your outfit is barely an outfit too.

  4. Awesome interview, what a hot shot girl!

  5. my friend used to be a shot girl and she made BANK!

  6. I will never be a shot girl. :/

  7. She's cute...no matter what shot she's pushin.

  8. I know more then I ever wanted to know about shot girls! Thanks!

    (hey I can finally comment on your blog again! Blogger wasn't letting me the last week or so!)

  9. and the most important rule for shot girls around the globe is:

    stay away from Phil Spector.

  10. Trying to make it with a shot girl is more difficult than getting a burlesque dancer's number. And you got a whole interview! Lucky you!

  11. man i wish i was a girl
    this is a sick way to make money

  12. I had no idea there was even such a thing as a shot girl.


  13. my first love and now ex-girlfriend just became a shot girl. The job fits her perfectly. Glad I got out when I did.


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