Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yeah, probably not the best choice of posts for a NY Jew. But just for the record here, I’m not shooting off blasphemous comments about their lives. All I’m doing is making a simple observation about which pastor’s wife I’d covet and love it. PRAISE JESUS! Again, no disrespect.

 JONI PARSLEY (wife of Rod Parsley)
Ministry: World Harvest Church
Service broadcast time: Sunday, 10am (EST)

VICTORIA OLSTEEN (wife of Joel Olsteen)
Ministry: Joel Olsteen Ministries
Service broadcast time: Sunday, 7:30am (EST)

GLORIA COPELAND (wife of Kenneth Copeland)
Ministry: Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Service broadcast time: 24hrs a day

PAULA WHITE (originally co-ministers w/ ex-husband Randy White)
Ministry: Without Walls International Church
Service broadcast time: Sunday, 9am (EST)

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  1. Paula White is striking a sexy pose! Well, they are all pretty but look a little plastic - sort of like Tupperware you have to burp.

  2. Gloria Copeland? If I was like 60. Or if I had the vision of Jesus and saw only good in people. And no age.

  3. I can't say I find myself attracted to any of these women. They look so artificial...

  4. They've come a long way, since Tammy Faye!

  5. Why do I feel the need to start washing my hands?

  6. DUDE. I would donate a thousand bucks to the televangelist if I could go out with Paula White.

    AND I'm straight.

    Those ladies are hot.

  7. These people are all phonies! Sorry if I offend anyone but all they do is ask for money and these women and their hubbies are all wearing your donations and living in luxury. Maybe I should just open a church?! Wanna be partners Jesse? Doesn't matter that your Jewish and I don't believe in church. We'll just get up and lie like the these guys do!!!! haha

  8. wow who knew a church girl could be so pretty

    1. Not only pretty but HORNY! I've never had so much pussy as with women at church! WOW!!

  9. Haha! These pictures remind me of my days as a Mary Kay consultant. :)

  10. I never heard about them, but I think VICTORIA OLSTEEN is the cutest

  11. Please tell me that this post was the result of a random game of "would you rather" and a google image search.

    Also, I challenge you to find photos of these women NOT caked in makeup.

  12. I don't really pay too much attention to hot televangelist wife, but Paula sure doesn't look the part.

  13. Jesse, you KNOW this is wrong. What would you and Paula do on a date, go and vote Tea Party? Every time you find yourself drooling over "televangelist-wife-hotties" you should punish yourself and flog yourself like a racehorse!

  14. Victoria is the prettiest one by far!

  15. This really sounds like a good subject for a Playboy pictorial. "Girls of the Church" or something like that.

  16. Gloria Copeland has the best Lips/mouth of them all... and at her age..70 i believe i think shes VERY HOT...

  17. Wow ,i cant believe paula got teased for being ugly in her younger years!


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