Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today we remember those we lost. Victims whose lives were cut short from one of the most horrific terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. To me however, I’m also reminded of 2 people whose lives were spared. Saved by some chance occurrence. Now these two individuals had never met. Yet they are bonded forever, together by this one thing – a movie. On that Tuesday morning at around 7-ish, both men were going through their ordinary morning routines. No different than any other day. Walking through their daily ablutions barely noticing the TV. That is until something on the screen caught their eye – a film from the mid 80s, Real Genius.
Quick synopsis: Val Vilmer plays an off-the-chart smartie that finds out his professor is using his invention for something evil. As a result, he tries to save the day with his fellow brains.
Now I’m sure if kids today saw this feature they’d think it was some screwball, cheesy 80s comedy. Looking at it now, I can see their point. I guess it’s similar to painfully watching an old black & white film that leaves my parents misty-eyed. To me, Real Genius takes me back to a period in my life. Happy, simple times that I’m sure both men shared as well. ‘Cause at that moment they both decided to stay, and watch the rest of the movie. A decision that saved both of their lives.
The first time I heard this story was on Wednesday, September 12. My two former co-workers are married to these men. They were amazed that they both had the same tale to tell. I too was just as amazed, and thankful. They gave me a little something to always smile about – on a tragic day none of us will soon forget.

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  1. That is incredible! I love that. I love to hear such amazing stories of hope and light on this day. Fabulous.

  2. That's pretty remarkable. Real Genius saves lives. Never thought I'd hear that.

  3. Is Val Vilmer Val Kilmer's younger,snootier twin??

    What a great story!

  4. This is a great post, uplifting and inspirational on such a sad day. I'd call it real genius. xo

  5. This made me smile! Great story.


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