Monday, September 13, 2010


To me, there are 2 kinds of petitions:
1- Ones that come from the heart and are trying to do some good for planet earth.

2-Ones created by people (with daddy issues) that have way too much free time on their hands.
See if you can guess which ones I chose to highlight. FYI…these are all real and featured at Oh, and for sh*ts & giggles I included the total of John Hancocks each petition has amassed already. 

Petition #1

Sponsored by:
Petitioner’s Reason: 
We miss Dave and his unique brand of humor. We would like him considered to be a host on Saturday Night Live.

Petition #2
Sponsored by: Tyris Austin
Petitioner’s Reason:
We the undersigned, are petitioning for the release of a video game based on the hit TV show Charmed. The platform we would like the game to be released under would preferably be PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC or Mac. 
The release of this game would be a wonderful way to officially end the show and it could possibly spawn sequels due to its success, which we are sure it will achieve. By signing this petition, we also agree that we would either definitely but the game or consider it. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you will consider taking our request on board. and the game would hopefully be realistic with alot of different important, climactic details from season1-8, with all the different main characters, too. 
If we can't entertain fans by bringing the show back we could at least make a game.

Petition #3
Sponsored by: Lady Gaga
Petitioner’s Reason:
Justin Bieber must retire due to a horrible voice (he sounds like a 2 year old girl trapped in a 10 year old boys body.) He only sings annoying love songs. So please sign my petition so the world doesn’t go deaf.

Petition #4
Sponsored by: Catie
Petitioner’s Reason:
Youtube needs to stop having people naked on the videos. It is inappropriate. There are a lot perverted people out there.

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  1. HAHA only 1 on the naked videos!
    Those are pretty wacky.

  2. Those petitions never lead to anything. They are so pointless. Dave Chapelle hosting SNL would suck. They aren't in the same league as him. He'd be stuck acting out their lame ass sketches. I think a "Supernatural" game would be awesome. You could be Sam & Dean Winchester and drive around in that Impala.

  3. I'd sign the Bieber one - althought my 7 year old would have my ass!

  4. I would like to see some naked Alyssa Milano on youtube.

    I will sign that Beiber petition. That's the only one that makes sense.

  5. I might put up a counter petition for MORE naked bodies on you-tube.

  6. Poor JB, so many peeps hate that kid. The Dave Chapelle one is funny. Who cares about him?

    PS I keep meaning to ask you, did you ditch the domain name url?

  7. So when are we starting the petition for MORE naked videos on youtube?

  8. The fuck would you want to take OFF the naked videos for?

  9. Hey Jesse I took your advice about attacking bigger people in my blog posts instead of just other bloggers. Check it out:

  10. Go ahead and sign my name to the Bieber one!


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