Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hey Mommy Bloggers! I got a present for you. Well, actually, it’s for your kids. You don’t have to thank me – truly my pleasure. So what is it? Well I will tell you that it’s an entertaining toy that offers hours of fun for your precious little ones. PLUS, educates your darlings about the important events of 2010. And best of all it’s FREE. So F the LeapFrog®, and use my FINGER PUPPET CHARACTERS OF 2010. Oh, and just in case you blank out on who each one is I provided a bit of background. Again, no thanks necessary. Just imagining the looks on your kids faces is the only gratitude I need.

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Imagination
  1. Print out each visual.
  2. Cut entire image.
  3. Tape the tags together.
  4. Place on your finger.
  5. Enjoy.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: Star of hit reality TV series Jersey Shore 2. Likes pickles. 

Tony Hayward: BP chief executive that went to a yachting event after he was let go of his position because of his handling of the oil leak.


Kevin Harvick: Current NASCAR points leader. Finished 7th in the Daytona 500.

Chris Nolan: Director of blockbuster hits Inception and The Dark Knight. Just turned 40.


Joey Buttafuoco: Had an affair with Amy Fisher in 1992 which ended with his wife (Mary Jo) getting shot in the head.

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  1. So, if I'm reading this right, essentially what you're saying is you want to put your finger in Snooki? And then Joey Buttafuoco?

    I'm not judging baby. I love you no matter what.

    Okay. I'm judging a little.

    A lot. I'm judging a lot.

  2. Great idea. Although, I think it would be cool to make finger puppets of fingers. That way a jealous pinky could live out its fantasies of being an index finger.

  3. Joey Buttafuocco would LOVE to go dancy-dancy on your finger, the creep. Why encourage him?

  4. Hours of entertainment for the kiddies!

  5. Genius!
    Now that I look at them closer, I think Snooki might be Joey Buttafuocco tanned and in drag...

  6. So you cut out the Tony Hayward figure tape to your finger fill your sink with water pour in a can of 10W-30 and shove his head under water...did I read that right??

  7. I might just get drunk enough on rum tonight to carry on a conversation with my fingers--thanks!

  8. Ooh....if Joey B was on my finger, I'd be sorely tempted to scratch my butt.


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