Sunday, August 1, 2010


With this economy sucking rocks 24/7 I don’t take any cash opportunities lightly. I’m just geographically undesirable for these experiments. And sadly out of the age range for some of ‘em. But hey, one blogger’s misfortune is another blogger’s elective medical torture for cash. Courtesy of Craigslist.

Do you enjoy Dissolvable Tobacco products like Orbs, Sticks, Strips, Stonewall or Arriva? Then Get Paid To Tell Us About It. To Qualify for a Paid Research Study about Tobacco Products. Call 503-977-6713 Today! 

A National Market Research Firm is conducting paid interviews with 21-24 year old Hispanic men on the topic of Alcoholic Beverages. If you are interested in participating, please respond by e-mail.

Google is currently scheduling participants for individual usability sessions July 26th through July 28th. For this study, 2 or 3 Googlers will visit your home to observe how you look for information online. Sessions will last 1 hour. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Men of ALL ETHNICITIES wanted for a study on male-female interactions. Participants must be single social drinkers 21-30 years of age and can receive $15/hour for 2-8 hours (up to $120) during an office visit and up to $75 more for completing two online follow-up surveys. Please call (206) 685-MAST(6278) for more information. Part of a research study at the University of Washington.

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  1. I am in for $62! Hey Jesse, got something for you over at my blog. Come visit.

  2. All medical testing conducted under the direct supervison of Dr. Mengele.

  3. My favorite one I saw on craigslist was looking for females only, who are left handed, have migraines at least twice a week, and work a 40 hour a week job.

    I'm endlessly curious why they have to be left handed.

  4. I think there ought to be a fee paid to you by those researching prolific bloggers who can write about anything and nothing and still pull in their readers. :)

  5. Love your money-making opportunities here! Thanks!

  6. Hello, is this your sole portal or you also run others?


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