Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Racked my brain trying to think of a funny quip about a pawn, horsey piece, and queen, but came up with nothing. Anyhow, here are the hottest chess ladies I’d pick to be my checkmates. 

Natalia Zhukova (born June 5, 1979 in Germany)
Career highlights:
- Represented the Ukraine for 6 straight years in the Chess Olympics.
- Won the Groningen Women’s Festival in 1998.
FDIE peak rating: 2499 (I assume that’s good)

Susan Polgar (born April 19, 1969 in Hungary)
Career highlights:
- Top ranking chess player at the tender age of 15.
- Women’s World Chess Champion from 1996 to 1999.
FDIE peak rating: 2577

Monika Soćko (born March 24, 1978 in Warsaw)
Career Highlights:
- Won the Arctic Chess Challenge in 2009.
- Took the bronze at the European Chess Championship.
FDIE peak rating: 2505

Antoaneta Stefanova (born April 19, 1979 in Bulgaria)
Career Highlights:
- Became a Sofia champion at age 7.
- Top 10 world ranked chess player in 1997.
FDIE peak rating: 2560

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  1. Hmm. Very, um, interesting taste in women you have, love.

  2. Where are all the hot American women chess players?

  3. Awesome idea....
    These are some truly sexy ladies.

  4. That Antoaneta Stefanova is quite a filly. I'd gladly be a pawn for that queen. That is, till the day I killed the king, carried her over to the castle and had the bishop marry us.

    There, I did a complete chess pun set for you. No need to say thank you. haha

  5. Very eastern European...the nose knows.

  6. U don't even know what FIDE is (not FDIE!) :-PPPP

  7. Gayomart Ga-yoni -ma-right Symbols of transformation ,transformation of the libido, C G Jung queen horsey pawn.Dichotomy Bifurcation how about dicky, an ass ,dickery ,
    dick y-bird ,dick for richard ,dicky, dickey shaky origin unknown. Gayomart original man 6000 ago Zaratharus/Gayomart horse related Ganymedes/Zeus horse and eagle exchanged for.Feeling dicky

  8. Really impressive, looks like you put about 5 seconds worth of work into this. Alexandra Kosteniuk, Natalia Pogonina, and Anna Zatonskih, just off the top of my head, are at least as good at chess as anyone you've listed here and MUCH better-looking.
    Besides, any list of hot female chess players has to start with Judit Polgar (sister of Susan, whom you did list). Judit is not totally smokin hot anymore but she was in her twenties, and she could easily -- and I'm not exaggerating -- beat all the women you've listed here AT THE SAME TIME.
    Come on.


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