Saturday, July 10, 2010


No way am I talking about humans. Not even going to attempt to try and make those gender labels for our species. Lets face it, someone could have balls (mentally or physically) and still think of themselves as a lady. And vica-versa. No judgments either way. Though even when it comes to all other God’s creatures it doesn't get much easier. 4 cases in point.

LADYBUG: Pretty much every science site says the same thing. The only M/F tell-tale sign is that the females are bigger than the males. Oh, and that the male takes the female from behind when having sex (no joke).

PLATYPUS: Here it’s the females that are way smaller than the males. The girls grow to 44cm while the boys sprout up to 50cm. A male platypus also has a venomous spur on each of his hind legs.

GOLDFISH: Assuming it lives long enough, check the gills. If it has little white tubicules (looks like dots) it’s a male. You can also spot ‘em on the front fins as well. 

FROGS: Trick question. They have the ability to do the whole male or female transform without an expensive Thailand surgery.

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  1. interesting, haha.... I think it's hard to tell with most animals!

  2. I saw on a nature channel the other day how they check electric eels. They pop a finger in the anus and feel around for something hard. How cold and impersonal can you get? At least buy the eel dinner.

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  4. The male peacock is the pretty one, that does not seem fair to the poor peahen.

  5. Just when I thought I couldn't learn/read about/absorb and more uneless information...presto! there it is.

  6. i'm an idiot, i thought all lady bugs were, well, ladies.

  7. Do you think the males get confused when it's called a ladybug?

  8. I was thinking the sex of the "platypus" was self explanatory, based on the name...
    The males are called "platydongs."

    Ms A, I would think the ladybugs are confused, hence the flashy outfit and neatly trimmed moustache...


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