Saturday, July 31, 2010


If you say rape a kitten or eat a baby snow seal – that’s not the hell I’m referring to. It’s called HELL.COM. Above is a visual of the homepage. What is it? No F---ing clue. All I do know is it’s an uber-restricted site. If you roll your cursor over the homepage a flash occurs and then it reads NO ACCESS. That’s it. The mystery surrounding HELL.COM has been featured on CNN, NY Times, and the UK Guardian. Each report has offered up their own theories. Heavy metal fan site? A virtual lair for an evil organization? A hacker's hideout? Porn?
The only piece of info that was leaked about the site came in 2007 from the now defunct They claimed that HELL.COM is a place for Net-artists to hang and create art. Unfortunately they had no proof to support that claim. But if it is true then someone PLEASE answer these questions for me…
- How do you register?
- Do you need to get an invite?
- How long has the site been up? (wiki says it's been around since '95)
- How do the artists create art on the site?
- Do they sell their art on tshirts or coffee mugs?
The only other clue I’ll leave you with is this video of HELL.COM I found on youtube. Again, I have no idea if this is real or fake.

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  1. I have nothing clever to say other than, where and how do you find this stuff and what would we do without you. You're a goldmine of cool random info which is why we love ya!

  2. I've never heard of this before. when I leave here, I'm going straight to hell...

  3. woohoo now I can actually go to hell and back!

  4. I just went there.

    And logged in with Satan as my username.

    And now I'm at a custom google page. It's black. The line above the search bar says "It looks just like Google...but m--" and then it's cut off.

    Is that it or am I in the wrong spot?

  5. Huh. That link won't work.

    Try that one. And click on the arrow thing. And then I just put in Satan as a username. Feeling creative, I used 'hell' as a password.

    Voila! Google.

  6. I remember hearing about it but no clue. I'm going to go play around with it now.

  7. Such mysterious stuff you find. Anyone who reads this is going to hell I go!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. This is awesome. You do find great things.

  9. I thought the IRS webpage was

    Well, I'm off to rape a seal.

  10. You need a handbasket in order to get in. It's not worth it.

  11. Where DO you find this stuff? And why are we all trying to figure it out now? LoL

  12. never heard it before. thanks to you, i find one more new stuff today.


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