Sunday, July 11, 2010


I remember getting freaked the F out when I saw the movie The Ring. You remember that one. That’s the film where people die when they watch a certain video cassette (pre-DVD item). True, people can’t die from viewing images on a screen. However, there is the death of the boredom kind which you’d probably experience watching the PAINT DRY cam. It's simply a shot of a freshly painted wall. I believe the color falls in the mauve family. What you see below is sadly what you get. Though it does get points for offering the viewer the ability to move the cam to different parts of the wall. The right cam is the best sight by far!

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  1. The Japanese version of the Ring was the first movie to give me a nightmare since I was a kid. The remake was well done, just not as creepy.
    See ya later, I'm off to go watch paint dry.

  2. I'm glad I skipped that movie!

  3. Hey I watched paint dry was called the World Cup Final!

  4. Is that paint drying thing for real? I clicked the link and there are 3 cams going, but not sure if it is actually showing paint drying or just 3 pics of the same wall. Not even sure if the pain on the wall is still wet. am I getting my monies worth?


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