Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ok, maybe it’s more of a distant second or a close third. Either way it's a problem that I feel is certainly rant-worthy. It’s called Word Verification or CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart).
Hmmm…ok, sorry, but before I continue let me give this some honest thought. Where would I place this problem on the current evils of the world list? All right, done giving it thought. Here’s how I netted out.
#1- Disease
#2- Accidents (oil spills, tank explosions, etc.)
#3- Acts of God (hurricanes, earthquakes)
#4- Hate Crimes
#5- Bosnian kids (something always sux with them)
#8- global warming

Sorry about that. Now I can continue. Where was I? Oh right CAPTCHA. I think in this day and age our time is so valued. So why the hell would bloggers subject us to this atrocity? I mean I take time out of my workday to read your blogs. I laugh. I cry. I’m genuinely moved. So I write a comment (almost always positive). And then I’m off to read another blog or something equally as rewarding. Oh wait. No I’m not! A few bad apples still have that Word Verification thingy in place. 
Why? Are you that worried about those robot spammers? I removed my WV months ago and all I get is that Asian spam every now and then. The Chinese symbols look pretty so I don’t erase it.  So what's your excuse? Look, all I ask is that all you WV blogger holdouts give in. Vote NO on your blog settings page and put an end to this problem once and for all. 

If I can get just one of you to convert this will all be worth it. God bless.

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  1. Don't be shy. Tell us how you really feel.

  2. I converted the last time you preached this message. What's really funny is that I do get a lot of spam each week, but it's all the same two old posts. I don't know why. If I could I would put the WV back on just those two posts.

  3. I totally took mine off too. But yeah, its way worse than Global Warming

  4. I hear Captcha has it's sights set on number 8 , It's not happy with only being worse then global warming it wants to be bigger and badder then unemployment.

  5. Pffft! I don't have a problem with it. If I like the blog, I leave a comment, regardless of their setting choice.

  6. Al Gore's not going to like that CAPTCHA is above global warming on your list.

  7. CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!! One of my biggest pet peeves in bloggy-land is that damned CAPTCHA shit!!!!!!!!

  8. I think it might need to be moved up between disease and accidents. The spammers left me along after I disallowed (disallowed?!) anonymous comments. It's amazing how little it takes to make me happy.

  9. I HATE THE CAPTCHA! My computer for some reason takes forever to load it up AFTER I comment and then I type and it takes forever to say ok. I could have been halfway through another post by then!

  10. I am one of "those" ppl. Cause I dont know where the fuck to go to turn it off.

    I agree it is a total pain in my ass.

  11. Okay, okay, okay - your goal is hereby reached. You convinced one person (me). That is, I've seen several bloggers complain about this lately, and while it usually doesn't bother me (frankly, blogs that don't have the verification thingie bothers me slightly, because I get all "Is this it? Was this really so easy? But... What about the Sphinx with the impossible questions? No monsters to kill? Oh, alright, then...") I am willing to give this a go to please the fellow blogger.

    If I end up buying performance enhancing substances it is your fault, though.

  12. AMEN!!!
    After you've gotten everybody off this this, will you please start on blogs that have music?

  13. Yes. People really have to stop the word verification thing. Wanna know something funny? I get less spammers now WITHOUT using it. I think it is a conspiracy against the man by Blogger.

    BTW Jesse - I gave you a special award... http://www.theman-cave.com/2010/07/etmc-wins-truly-meaningful-and.html

  14. Fuck that shit! I was tired of the fucking spammers!!!

    I took it off and switched setting to where I had to approve the comment if it was older than 2 weeks!

  15. I changed mine, I guess you convinced me. It is kind of a hassle, I just didn't know where to go to fix it. Thanks for letting me see the light. You probably don't comment on my blog or even read it so you'll never really know.....HEHEHE (in a evil laugh)

  16. A-freakin-men!!! I can't stand it! And I'm with Pat...take on the music next!

  17. I am proud to say I agreed with you the first time you railed on this subject and discontinued sometime ago. Yes, I had music on my blog once for effect and relevant to the topic (and I may do it again)...at least I put it at the top of the post so it could be easily be shut off by anyone who didn't want to listen. I must say though I like the music on Vickie's photo blog since it goes so well with her subject...photography.


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