Sunday, December 27, 2009


by Graphic Guy (NWM Staff Writer)

By now (if you’re knee deep in Nip /Tuck) you’ve seen all the FX f--ing, hilarious promos for their new, 1st time animated series, Archer. From what intel I could gather, the show (created by Adam Reed) revolves around super spy Sterling Archer working for the organization ISIS. Other characters include Archer’s domineering mother/ boss (played by Arrested D’s Jessica Walter) and his bi-curious exgal pal Lana (played by Aisha Tyler). Archer premieres January 14th, so you’ve got about 2 weeks and change left.

If that amount of time runs you into conniption fit territory, you can always satisfy your fix with 3 seasons of Mr. Reed’s other series on Adult Swim, Frisky Dingo. This one deals with infamous super villain Killface taking on superhero Awesome X. Both are voice by Mr. Reed. And as you’ll see (after viewing the clips below) the humor and animated style are pretty much kissing cousins to Archer. I’d probably sum up both series as over the top action, uber-erotic romance mixed in with a spooge of mundane chit chat. The best example is in one of the first Frisky Dingo episodes. Killface meets with his marketing team to discuss the use of a direct mail campaign to get the word out about his super-evil-ism. Madness ensues and ensues some more. Check it out.

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  1. I watched the sneak peek fx had of Archer awhile back and thought it was flippin' hysterical. It's definitely one I'm anticipating.

  2. frisky dingo was HILARIOUS. too bad the xtacles sucked. guess it shows that adam reed was the genius and matt thompson's characters weren't that good. needless to say, i'm pumped for archer. the first episode was ridiculous


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