Monday, December 28, 2009


by Biz-Boy (NWM Staff Writer)

Here we are spitting distance from 2010 and STILL no Hoverboard? Actually that’s not quite accurate. Truth is you have the ability to create all kinds of “toys of tomorrow” thanks to It’s a site that lets any mad genius inventor sell their patented plans to the public. Instructions for jetpacks, bionic-suits, laser guns and time machines are all available, now at 50% off. Though be warned, I seriously doubt any these plans are available at a “For Dummies” level of comprehension. Cases in point…

HOVERBOARD DESIGN NOTES ($17.50): An incredible look at future hoverboard developments and how they will work. Info on Building a magnetic containment field capable of containing a column of ionized air up to several PSI.

PSIONIC HELMET PLANS ($145): Construct a mind focusing/tuning helmet to be used for influencing others. Become a echno-shamen. Best used with our various electronic meditation plans. Very powerful! Now includes a crystal powered telepathic enhancer. PLEASE NOTE: The fully assemble ($490) version is sold out.

LASER PISTOL PLANS ($20.00): Build this low power simulated laser gun without expensive ruby rods or bulky high-voltage equipment. Can be built by the average high-school student. Laser is very low power and is intended as a science project to learn concept of lasers. Output is less than a typical laser pointer. We do have higher power lasers listed below for the serious experimenter.

TIME TRAVEL MACHINE ($30): Contains schematics and diagrams of various devices such as the Biotronic Oscillator and Atlantean Generator which can be used for physical and out of body time travel! Also contains information on constructing an artificial grid point. A grid point is necessary for physical time travel to occur. Also contains experiments using the Hyperdimensional Resonator and other easily constructed parts to travel physically in time.

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  1. Someone just mentioned Gopeds on their Facebook status. I think those are on Hoverboards!

  2. Well, maybe Hoverboards are coming soon? At least that is what our Think Tank keeps saying.


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