Monday, December 21, 2009


by Graphic Guy (NWM Staff Writer)

For all you procrastinators out there, here are some last second ideas for any special geek on your gift list.

MARVEL SKI CAPS ($17.99): Bash that blizzard, with an Iron-man, Hulk or Wolverine ski mask. 100% cotton. 1000% fierce. 

THE LEGO BOOK ($40.00): Houses every single factoid about the fun loving toy from Denmark. Comes in two volumes. No assembly required.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SUPERNATURAL DEFENSE KIT ($24.95): You can’t keep a cult classic down. This deluxe kit (forged in the Hellmouth) comes complete with a hardcover expanded Buffy comic #8, gold colored cross, Claddagh ring and silver flake holy water. Sorry, no Mr. Pointy.

JAMES BOND EDITION MONOPOLY ($29.00): Straight from Q’s lab comes the ultimate 007 fan game. Buy and sell Connery or Craig for Moore. 

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