Wednesday, December 23, 2009


by Biz-Boy (NWM Staff Writer)

No disrespect to the early 80s music duo (It’s raining men), but the WGs I’m referring to are the news professionals that exemplify hot fronts.

JACKIE JOHNSON: One more reason to love LA. Weather forecaster for KCAL-TV on primetime and KCBS in the late afternoon. Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University.

SABRINA FEIN: The other major attraction in Orlando. Sabrina is the weekend weather woman for WOFL.

JILLIAN “BARBERIE” REYNOLDS: The NFL’s hottest weather resource, plus helps CA rise everyday as the host FOX Good Day LA. (Insert tight end joke here.)

CLARE NASIR: The meteorologist that's making waves across the pond at the London Weather Centre. Just became a recent mommy (sorry if that spoils a fantasy or two.)

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