Thursday, December 10, 2009


by Biz-Boy (NWM Staff Writer)

Actually, all these games are available in the U.S. It’s Australia that has the f’d up video game laws. Young Aussies can probably thank the religious zealots and their versions of PTA moms with lots of time on their hands. The following are the crème de la crème of games that (at least the original versions) never made it to the land down under, for one sordid reason or another.

7 Sins: Players need to succumb to all the sins in order to climb the social ladder in fictional Apple City. FYI...the sin that had Aussies in a tizzy the most was #5, Lust.

Leisure Suit Larry (Magna Cum Laude): Larry’s heading back to school and fraternizing with the sorority girls. A-Land banned this one because Larry gets to have sex with actual naked college girls after a job well done.

Reservoir Dogs: Apparently you can sell the DVD of the movie, but you can’t play the game?

Sexy Poker: No explanation needed.

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  1. Funny, about all those games are about naked ladies. haha.


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