Saturday, December 19, 2009


by KC (NWM Staff Writer)

Seeing as no one is safe from the gradually shrinking job market, every opportunity for face time with your corporate big wigs is always a plus. So whether you got that holiday lunch or party it’s probably not only a good thing that you brush up on your idle chit-chat, but also on how you present yourself. The one thing people tend to overlook are the teeth. Doesn’t matter what kind of power suit you’re sporting, it definitely doesn’t go with yellow chiclets. So uses what the stars use for a quick teeth whitening fix – Supersmile Quikee!

This is a no-brush,no-rinse polish. All you do before a big red carpet or corporate event is apply the polish to the tip of the tongue and spread it on your teeth! J.Lo and Marc are " obsessed with the Supersmile Quikee". The tube fits right in your purse or pocket and sells for only 16 bucks on Amazon.

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