Monday, September 14, 2009


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New York

Needed: person with GORILLA COSTUME to liven up costume party!

I'm having a big 30th birthday party on Wednesday August 26th, and i'm doing a photo booth with a GORILLA! I need someone with a gorilla costume to come and be the "talent" in the photo booth for approx 2 or 3 hours at night. I can pay $100 cash at end of gig. I'll even throw in some bananas. Safari theme party. THanks, and please respond soon!!! We're fun people, we wont poke you or push you over.

Hudson Valley

Evening milker for goat dairy needed (Pine Bush)

Evening milker needed for Pine Bush goat dairy currently milking approximately 90 goats. Great position for someone interested in sustainable agriculture and farming locally on a small scale. Opportunity exists to gather experience in areas of goat management and health care as well as cheesemaking, but the primary duty would be milking. Work is 6 days a week and hours are varied, as the number being milked will decrease in the fall and increase again in spring. Job currently starts at 5pm and generally is done by 9-10pm unless work continues in the creamery.

Experience is not necessary. Flexibility, a love of animals, and a sense of humor are a must! These are animals, not machines, and as such, we deal with a new "wrinkle" almost every day. It is also important that the milker have a desire to learn and a wish to be here. I have no use for someone who just needs a job to fill in some hours, instead, I seek a person with a passion for local and sustainable agriculture. I would offer this as an internship if I had more housing, but our available housing is filled with other interns. Proximity to Pine Bush is fairly important. Compensation is commensurate with experience and duties.


Opinionated Beer Drinkers

Attention Beer Drinkers

Are you someone that enjoys hanging out at the local pub with a nice cold glass of your favorite frothy? When you receive your perfectly poured pint what is the part that you most cherish? Do you enjoy drinking beer out of bottles and or cans instead? Do you love your beer to be light like rain or dark as the night sky? When it comes to your beer are you a craft coinsurer, a foreign fan or a domestic drinker.....or are you the "give me what you've got" kind of person? How many times do you go out to pubs, clubs etc?

Would you like to participate in our 2hr beer study and get paid to do so? Do you have about 10min to go over some questions over the phone to see if you qualify? If you can answer these questions (please do so in response email) and have more opinions to share please email us at: or call us at 213-995-5044 ext 4


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