Sunday, September 20, 2009


by Janni Ogglin (NWM Staff Writer)

Joey, Matthew and Andrew were pretty much the Jonas brothers of the late 80s to mid90s, minus the singing and guitar playing (for two of 'em). Joey paved the way, starring in Gimme A Break, then Blossom, and even had a Billboard Top 100 single in 1993 (Nothin' My Love Can't Fix). Matthew appeared in a Power Rangers spinoff, Boy Meets World and the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. And Andrew, he co-starred with his 2 brothers in the NBC turned WB turned Disney Channel show Brotherly Love. So where are they now?

Joey (age 33): Managed to stay on the Hollywood radar screen with a steady stream of sitcom series (Half & Half), guest appearances (CSI: NY), cartoon voiceovers, a TV movie (My Fake Fiance) and a gum commercial with the Duff sisters. Currently he is working on 2 big screen projects – Hit List and The Sinatra Club. Off camera he's married to Chandie Yawn-Nelson and has a 3 yr. old girl named Charli.

Matthew (age 29): Like his brother he went the CS route, only he was down to Miami for an episode. He’s also guest-starred in FOX’s Boston Public. Currently he's pretty much doing the "features" circuit, making appearances in The Hot Chick, Trucker, Creature of Darkness and the soon-to be-released Fort McCoy. He’s also taking course at USC.

Andrew (age 21): Still just young enough to work the teen angle. He too had a stint in CSI land (up in NY with bigger bro). Similar to Joey he’s mainly stuck to the small screen with roles on Bones and The Closer, and has a reoccurring role as Jason on United States of Tara (Showtime). In 2010 he’s making the big leap to the big screen with 3 new movies (Bones,The Science of Cool and The Least of These). Currently he is the tallest of the Lawrence brothers.

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