Monday, September 14, 2009


by Greg Colfaz (NWM Staff Writer)

Hello from Cottonwood Idaho. Last time I wrote about my inability to update my iPhone to 3.1. That’s still the case, so there’s nothing new (but a steaming pile of frustration) on that front. As far as the “Goth looking for vampire love” thing goes, I do have some semi-news. Actually met someone. Her name is Rene. Nope she’s not the Pilate’s instructor I was pining over. This one works in a real estate office over in Elk city. Only went on two dates so far, but looks promising. She seems to be one of those inner “Goth by night” types. Has a skull ankle tattoo. Haven’t seen it. She only texted me about it. Oh, yeah, we’re up to the texting stage of the relationship. Her other biggest Goth statement is actually her couch – if you can believe it. It’s a coffin. I discovered this little secret when I picked her up at her apartment before we went to the movies. We saw The Proposal. We’re a bit behind in films in these parts. Psyched to see The Hangover! Anyway, (over a $2.99 med. popcorn) before the movie started she told me a bit more about her grand gruesome purchase. Turns out it’s from Coffin Couches (logical name choice). They run about 3 grand and change each. Oddly enough Jesse Jame’s (Bullock’s husband owns one) still doesn’t change my opinion of the movie – snoozer. They come in all kinds of shapes and styles. They even have brand inspired designs like Monster Energy Drinks and Skin & Ink magazine. She owns a Red Baron. It literally looks like a couch made from a coffin. It’s got a cushy vinyl covering, and is made from 18 gage steel. Weighs about 900 lbs. Didn’t ask how she got it in her place. I assume movers, not some vamp ex. Needless to say I never sat in it – yet. Just dropped her home after the movie date. She had to be at work early. We have tentative plans set for next Saturday. Hopefully I’ll be able to report more on the couch and her fangs. Did I forget to mention she has a pair of those too? Custom fit. 

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