Sunday, September 13, 2009


I had friends who pledged Fraternities freshman year. Couldn't even think to tell you which one. I recall one of the names had a “theta” or “zima” in it. Of course with pledging came the hazing. They both would fondly tell me about 6hour car runs to get their pledgemasters a pizza from two states over. Scavenger hunts that included getting (kid you not) an impression of an exotic dancer’s nipple in peanut butter. Pretty much all these stories had one thing in common – long ass car trips. Apparently the Greek System doesn’t like to torture incoming pledges within a 46 mile radius of the university campus. So a bit of advice for all you 2009 pledgers out there about to go on one of these horror haze-rides. Bring a clean change of underwear, and the NEW TravelJohn Disposable Urinal. A lot of these hazing rituals don’t just judge on completion of task, but time as well. A road trip bathroom break could cost you valuable minutes, and eventually a spot in the house. TravelJohn gives you the freedom to pea while still putting that petal to the metal. It features…

  • Biodegradable polymer that’s spill proof and odorless
  • Puncture resistant pouch with spill guard to prevent back flow
  • Unisex design
  • No clean-up required, simply throw away
  • Only 27 bucks for a pack of 18.
  • Compact and lightweight for optimal ease-of-use while standing or sitting
  • Hygienic, non-toxic and waste disposal safe

PLEASE NOTE: This product is ONLY to be used for #1 not #2.

BTW…my friends never told me what they needed the clean underwear for – sorry.

See how Johnny Depp dealt with hazing in this special 21 Jump Street clip.

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