Thursday, September 24, 2009


During one of Mtv’s ever-transitioning phases, the suits headed into Lifetime territory and experimented with TV movies. One of their first small screen debuts was 2Ge+her. It was pretty much a boy band version of Spinal Tap. Oddly enough the flim did strike a chord with teens and spawned a short-lived series. The mythical band (2Ge+her) even toured with Britney in the summer of 2000. As far as the songs go, they were all moderate PG humor. Safe for kids to laugh at. Fine for parents to feel good about them laughing. That being said, 2Ge+her’s arch nemesis boy band Whoa! did in fact venture In to PG-13 land. It was with their #1 fake smash hit – Rub One Out. Years later I did manage to track down the entire song, and actually thought the lyrics were pretty funny.  Then again that was before Youtube and Judd Apatow. Give the clip a watch – and yes, that’s John Norris helming the Mtv news update. 

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