Monday, September 21, 2009


Pork Rinds?

You've definitely seen 'em. It's the brown, puffy looking chip things packed in clear bags. Usually wedged way in the back of the snack bins.

What are they?

Pork skin that’s cured, then deep fried (not as bad as it sounds).

The bad news:

Nothing healthy ever started with the words Deep Fried. Also a bit high in the cholesterol area – 20mg.

The good news:

They have like zero carbs. Chips have like 15g per teeny-tiny serving. Pork Rinds also have 43% unsaturated fat that’s chock full of oleic acid (same stuff found in olive oil).

Best Brands to Eat:

Utz, Mac’s Snacks, Herr’s and Ricos.

Do it yourself Pork Rinds...

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