Monday, September 21, 2009


I bought a Wii last year. And like anyone else (living in a privileged, first world nation), I played it ‘til I got bored. Actually, that’s not exactly true. It’s just that I’m too lazy to take the time to turn the game on. I’d rather just play something on my iPhone (when it works) for 3 minutes then move on. I think Wii knows that I’m not in the minority. Which is why they are constantly coming out with new stuff to tempt us back into our Wii-addicted state. Not just with games, but with the controllers as well. And truth be told, the new gun, lightsaber and Kiss Axe guitar definitely stir up something in my Wii loins. Of course there are also controllers that don't. Top of the list…Wii Bowling Ball. Here’s the product rundown (good and bad):

Why you’d want it:

  • It’s from Wii (duh.)
  • It enhances your virtual bowling experience
  • They’ll probably come out with a Wii bowling case or shirt. 

Why you’d pass:

  • Only good for 1 game (unless there’s a Zombie Killer Bowler 3 I don’t know about).
  • It’s a 7.7 inch plastic sphere (not the easiest thing to find shelf space for).
  • Price point is $24.99 on Amazon (probably be much cheaper by X-Mas)

Here’s CTA's take on the whole thing…

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