Thursday, September 17, 2009


The king might be dead, but his spirit lives on in the US, Canada, Sweden, UK and parts of Australia. At least that’s the country count so far for the Elvis Entertainers Network. Right now they have around 70-ish Elvii (proper plural spelling). Hire ‘em for corporate gigs, festivals, fundraisers, nightclubs, grand openings, trade shows, banquets, conventions, promotional events, weddings, and bar mitzvahs. Pretty much anything you can think of for the ultimate King of the party. On the Elvis Entertainers Network you can browse all the Elvii and check their pics and bios. Then submit your choice, answer some questions and you’re on your way to getting your very own Elvis. Yahoo Answers say the going rate is around $500 per appearance (not sure how many Elvii you get with that). The Elvis Entertainers Network folks are always scouring the earth, looking for new talent. Their goal is to be Elvis-global in under 3 years. So if you have muttons for burns and know every word to Hunka, Hunka Burning Love, drop ‘em a line. You might be their next recruit.

What’s better than one Elvis skydiver? How about 4 of them?

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