Saturday, September 12, 2009


by Barry S. (NWM Staff Writer)

I don't know about inflation. The business media types say it's not around anymore. We're out of it. But to me it feels like it still is. I wanted two soups to eat later with dinner. So I stopped at a neighborhood diner. It’s very well-known in Brooklyn (and maybe NYC.) I hand’t been there in a while. Jeeze Louise, was I surprised at the prices. Can you believe two chicken matzo ball soups were 10 lousy bucks?! Pishaw! It’s broth! Not gold. Actually, truth be told, the soups we’re $4.50 each. However, I did tip the server $1. Anyway, it still seemed high to me, but what do I know.

P.S. They forgot to pack the crackers too. They’ve got some nerve, and my 10 bucks.

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