Saturday, September 26, 2009


by Barry S. (NWM Staff Writer)

OK, everyone's been talking about the proposed changes to health care so I suppose I should chime in. After all, I haven't seen any angry retiree being quoted. You can see plenty of them on TV demonstrating. And they should demonstrate because how else can they get their point across. But I have news for them. When all is said and done, get ready to see Medicare reduced. Oh, it wont happen overnight. When the final bill passes there will be projections of costs over the next ten years (and when did the government ever get cost projections right over one year let alone ten but that's another story) so Medicare will be safe for ten years (maybe). But after that it will be fair game and cut they will. So this generation will be safe. But people are living longer and what about the next generation? Before, people were worrying that Social Security would go broke. Now they can add reduced health care to their list of worries.

The NY Times has an article about Senator Bill Nelson of Florida struggling with this issue. He sounds like a decent guy who wants to look out for us seniors. But let me tell you Bill, give up. Medicare will be on the chopping block whatever you do.

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