Monday, September 21, 2009


by Greg Colfaz (NWM Staff Writer)

Big YO from Cottonwood, Idaho. Well, it’s been 12 days and I have absolutely no plans to update my iPhone to 3.1. Especially after reading these 3.1 tales of horror. Warning, the following forum posts are not for the faint of heart.

3.1 Update Problem - Hangs

After successful iTunes 9 software update I plugged in my iPhone 3G for 3.1 and on final completion of the iPhone firmware update iTunes will post error 1002 and states the phone is in recovery mode and requires a restore before installing new software update. The phone is currently a nice paper weight. I have tried entering into DFU mode but the iPhone seems to disappear from iTunes for a few short moments then reappears stating the same problem.

3.1 Hell

Hi all, I upgraded to 3.1 yesterday, all ok, until I tried to view video files on U-Tube, then today when i plugged into windows to back up and charge, the whole thing tanked, could not access etc. Tried back up and restore no help.

3.1 AHHHHH!!!!

32 attempts now over a 24 hour period using 1 pc and 2 laptops... Come on Apple *** is going on. Is there no testing before releasing updates??? I thought that was Microsoft’s job...I guess I'm going to have to dust of my old HTC Trinity with Windows mobile on it, at least hat still works.

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