Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Now see, If Mr. Disney thought ahead and used the Cryonics Institute – he could’ve taken his pet mouse with him. Currently CI has 95 humans, 157 tissues/DNA samples and yes, 63 pets in Cryostasis.

How they freeze Fido:

Liquid nitrogen is used to cool the body (pets and humans) down to a temperature that literally puts a stop to physical decay. The idea is that the bodies stay in storage until future science comes out with ways to restore them to their original health-filled glory.

How much does it cost to freeze Sparky?

The cost of freezing a cat or dog (15lbs or under) is around $5,800 a year. Add $150 for each additional pound.

And Tweety?

Birds cost around $700 per year. That price could vary based on the size of the bird.

The price to be among the frozen elite:

On top of the freezing fees, CI charges a $120 imitation fee. A small price to pay for the comfort of knowing that you’ll be able to play fetch with Sparky in the next new millennium. Or at least someone will.

FG tackles Mr. D and cryogenics…

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