Friday, September 18, 2009


For years medical research has been touting dark chocolate’s healthy benefits. It’s chock full of all kinds of vitamins and minerals, has tons of antioxidants and is great for heart health. Now you can also add sexual booster to the list, thanks to UK chef (and Zen master) Paul Da-Costa Greaves. He said his customers served as his source of inspiration. Patrons would ask him if there was a type of chocolate that could aid in digestion, boost energy, metabolism and even jump start sexual urges. It was a tall (somewhat odd) order, but Paul was up to the challenge, and soon started Feed Your Imagination. From there, his brand of Therapeutic Chocolate was born. Paul starts by hand-blending the finest of Belgin chocolates. Then adds a potpourri of what he likes to call “super healthy” ingredients, essential oils and Ayurveda herbs. This magical mixture creates chocolate with the power to uplift, relax, sooth and of course – sex up. There are 10 mood enhancing bars to choose from Dreamy, Beautiful, Fantastic, Lovely, Sensual, Fruity, Gorgeous, Mistress, Seductive and Sexy. Each bar costs around €5.86 ($9) for 100g. So far Sexy has proven to be the top seller. For that bar (aside from his regular blend of beneficial ingredients), Paul adds the kick of chili. An ingredient that has been known to kick start libidos for both guys and gals.

Check out Paul creating sweet sexual bliss.

* – NOTE: Sexual Chocolate was also the name of Eddie Murphy’s band in Coming to America (1988).

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