Sunday, September 20, 2009


Since the advent of shoelaces in 1790 there really hasn’t been much forward progress. Oh sure, laces now come in different colors and durable materials, but that’s pretty much it. That is until El Illuminating Lightning Laces hit the market. They are made from a high grade plastic that has proven impermeable to tough weather elements, yet is extremely flexible. The Lightning Laces do lace up just like their string-like ancestors. However, they are also connected to a small power box that affixes to the bottom of the shoe. What it does is send a brilliant light surging through the laces, causing them to really, really glow (stronger than those tiny Crackerjack toys you get.) Right now Lightning Laces comes in 4 incredible colors: red, blue, green and white. A 2pack goes for $11.99.

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