Saturday, September 26, 2009


This was pretty much the statement (I might’ve embellished a little for blogging sake) that I read in an editorial piece on Waterboarding. The article was exploring both sides of the issue. Is Waterboarding humane? Is it the right thing to do (during wartime) to extract vital information to save millions of lives? The “kissing cousins” thing was actually a comment made by RghtWingman76 about the article. His real comment read…

“Waterboarding is not torture, we did it all the time as children, it's called a ‘swirly’ when you get it in high-school. The only difference is kids used toilet water.”

Wondering if their was any merit to this Limbaugh-like statement I did a little Wiki searching for both definitions. Here’s what I found. You be the judge.

Swirly (or Swirlie):

The act of holding the victim upside down with his or her head in the toilet bowl, and flushing. Typically perpetrated by two or more older, larger individuals. More commonly known as bogwashing in the U.K.


Is a form of torture that consists of immobilizing the victim on his or her back with the head inclined downwards, and then pouring water over the face and into the breathing passages, causing the captive to believe he or she is dying.

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  1. That's not torture, I totally waterboarded myself earlier on accident while washing my hair. Pussies.


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