Saturday, September 19, 2009


The downtrodden economy has been like a blanket of smelling salts for most people – making everyone revaluate themselves. Figuring out what’s most important in life. To some, that means leaving the investment banking rat race and pursuing passions like being a chef or a mountain tour guide. And for a select few it means doing a job that’s never really existed, except in movies or comic books. Becoming a real life superhero. One specifically simply calls himself Geist.

NWM: So I assume trying to find out your real name is pointless.

G: You assume correct.

NWM: Where is your home base of operations?

G: Rochester, Minnesota.

NWM: Do you actually patrol the streets looking for trouble?

G: Making citizen arrests is only part of what I do. I help the homeless by handing out blankets and food at homeless shelters. Deliver toys for needy children. And help recover stray animals.

NWM: Why do you find the need to wear a costume?

G: It’s partly to scare the undesirables and to also serve as a symbol of hope to everyday people.

NWM: Do you use weapons?

G: I do. However, each one is total legal to own and carry on the streets. I’m not out to harm anyone. Just stop any wrongdoings.

NWM: Where can the rest of country track your day-to-day heroism?

G: I blog about it on my myspace page. And, no I won’t reveal my true identity – even when I friend you. Sorry.

See Geist in the flesh, behind the mask.

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