Sunday, December 6, 2009


by Barry S (NWM Staff Writer)

Have you ever heard the NYC buses lately? They sound like motorboats. Talk about noise pollution! These buses are just plain noisey--they really do sound like motorboats. Now how would you like to hear that outside your window at 5:00 am? Well I’m glad to say I finally don’t. I also don’t hear the drunk college kids coming home from the bars, the married couple (of questionable decent) next door, and that bicurious guy that lives upstairs. Thankfully the missus got me a ^%$^%-load of earplugs for our 78th anniversary. Check it out.

Earplugs (Seven pair of Hearos) ($4.85)

Product Description: Extra earplugs Hearos foam earplugs are extra-soft and cushiony, and compress into half their size for easy insertion, then slowly expand to block out unwanted noise. Surprisingly comfortable and effective. (includes 7 pair of earplugs - carrying case is not included).

3M Soft Foam Uncorded Ear Plugs With Sturdy Jar, Orange, Pack Of 50 Pairs. ($12.78)

Product Description: Ear plugs come in a convenient, sturdy jar. Great for keeping in a truck box, tool kit or on a shelf. Low pressure, patented design for improved comfort and fit. Cost-effective reclosable lid and jar can help reduce damage and waste. Ear plugs are uncorded. 2 ear plugs per bag.

Howard Leight Max-1 Ear Plugs, Uncorded, NRR33, 200 PR / box $25.00

Product Description: MAX 1 (NRR 33) pre-shaped foam earplugs feature a smooth outer skin for maximum user comfort. The NRR 33 rating makes the MAX the highest rated disposable earplug in the U.S. The smooth, soil-resistant skin helps prevent dirt from penetrating the surface prior to insertion. Attenuation tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974. Coral color. Individually packed in poly bags, 200 pair per box.

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