Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sex Tapes Passé?

by Joshen McEwen (NWM Staff Writer)

So I received a link through my intelligence network (spam folder) last week about a steamy video that was leaked onto the internet. It was of Miss Universe Japan 2008, Ms. Universe Trinidad and Tobago 2008 and a photographer named Wyatt having a threesome at the Hyatt. Now when I got word of this it was big news to me. There is a spark of adrenaline that flows through you when someone who is in the public eye is caught with their pants down (figuratively and literally). I waited for the news to break onto television (as sex tapes tend to do.) I waited for days and nothing. Nobody said a word about it, which leads me to believe that the days when sex tapes were something big are now over. Have we truly reached the point where so many people have sex tapes that when one has surfaced it's no longer a big deal? If sex tapes are no longer making the news, how will I know which ones are on Google? What will the anchors talk about for the hour that the news airs? Will I be forced now to pay attention to the issues? The future seems bleak. Shame on you media. Shame on you.

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